We’re officially 10 years old!!!

champagne!!!It seems like just yesterday that I wrote up a business plan for a communications-strategy consulting practice that would be my very own. It would be something that would give me the opportunity to do great work, which I loved to do, but in a manner that was fairly unbound by the ways I’d experienced it to date.  I would rely on my ideas, not someone else’s, to earn my keep from client organizations. Ideas would be presented and executed my way. I would assume all the risk — there would be no boss to cover for the mistakes I was certain to make, and there would be no set monthly salary to stabilize me. I was never the smartest person in a room, but I’m relentlessly self-started, I listen well, and my default manner of approaching work is with gobs of integrity. I felt confident those traits would carry me.

I ran my plan past some of the brightest people I know and asked them to poke holes in it. They said not only can you do it, but you will.

That was 10 years ago.  Kinkennon Communications, Inc. (these days an S.Corporation, which seems so grown up!!) has been simply amazing. The coolest work I’ve ever done has been under this banner. Again and again, great client organizations have listened to me, taken risks based on my counsel, and found success. I’m humbled. And I’m hoping for many more years of the same.