To my colleagues who voted for Trump, a respectful request

To my colleagues and friends who voted for Donald Trump, I know you had your reasons. Many of them I wholly understand. Yet today, I ask you to try to imagine why a Trump presidency could make people in communities of color, and LGBT people, feel really uncomfortable. I don’t mean “let down” because some candidate didn’t win — I myself couldn’t care less about Hillary Clinton. I mean frightened in a “is my family under threat?” kind of way. Imagine feeling like the fundamental structure of your family, or even your kids’ very safety, is under threat because of a U.S. President — I suspect you’ll find the idea incomprehensible because you’ve never experienced such a sensation. But to lots of folks, all of a sudden that fear is rather real.

I hope the reasons you voted for Trump were economic in nature and that you weren’t making a statement against progress toward diversity and equality. I hope you don’t want to see Donald Trump’s racist and misogynist views, or Mike Pence’s radical, ugly views on LGBT people, make their way into public policy or executive decision-making. I hope you voted for Trump in spite of those things, not because of them.  Your concerns as expressed with your vote are valid! But please don’t support an unwinding of progress for those Americans who historically have been underrepresented and on the outside looking in. For that includes people like me.