Launching a new venture focused on strategic planning and facilitation

I don’t have big, job change-level professional news very often. But later this week, I’m announcing the co-founding of an all-new consulting shop with my name on it.

IMG_8602Over the past few years, increasingly, my primary gig Kinkennon Communications has been asked by prospective clients to step beyond the realm of communications and public affairs and lead them through the development of broader organizational strategies and plans. The work was occasionally a little outside my comfort zone, at least at first. But clients were happy. While facilitation comes quite naturally to me, at heart I’m still a tightly wound bundle of productive energy – organizations who just want to get stuff done seem to really love me.

So after thinking about it for a couple of years, I decided to spin the work off into its own dedicated entity that will run alongside Kinkennon Communications. The new shop is called “Wolfe Kinkennon” – I’ve cofounded it with my longtime colleague and friend Chuck Wolfe. He’s pretty brilliant, super accomplished, has a vast professional network, and is something of a heavy hitter (though he doesn’t like me describing him that way). He’s semiretired and, more importantly, has opted to be wholly liberated from his previous, far more conventional career track – in other words, a perfect match for me.

Of course, Kinkennon Communications’ clients will continue to enjoy they level of brainpower and service to which they are accustomed.  This is really just me spinning out client work that I’m already doing into a separate entity. Traditional KC clients won’t even know there is a difference.

This will be a fun new ride. Check out the website at