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A rich first year at my sister shop, Wolfe Kinkennon

Even as I continue enthusiastic work with Kinkennon Communications clients, a lot has been happening over at Wolfe Kinkennon, the shop I cofounded in January 2016 to exist alongside Kinkennon Communications. Years ago, I found myself facilitating – as a volunteer – the development of a major national nonprofit’s every-five-year strategic plan.  What I learned was… More »


Some people in my professional world are amazed that I get so much done at work despite the fact that I get out and play during the day. Silly, I get so much done at work precisely because I get out and play during the day.  Eight-hours-in-an-office-somewhere-else is a tired old construct, leftover from the Industrial Age. What matters… More »

A human being, not just a human doing

As I went hurriedly about my morning, absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook feed while also absentmindedly doing something else – “busy,” in an idle sort of way – I paused and locked in on this piece from 2014, shared on Facebook by a former colleague. It found my eye like a heat-seeking missile. I’ve written on this topic… More »

A terrible patient

I watched 60 Minutes this past Sunday, which did a segment on the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Featured on that segment were terminally ill children who were the very embodiment of dignity and courage. Today I’m five days under the weather with an upper respiratory crud and mild fatigue. I’ve never been able to solder through not feeling well,… More »

Discovering the power of assuming positive intent

I casually posted something on Facebook recently that really resonated with people in my world. I wrote: “Dennis (my spouse) and I are working on a new project: always assume positive intent. It’s a concept I’d never heard until recently, and where it may really do me good is at work. It’s giving me the… More »