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How should an organization approach thought leadership positioning?

Over the years I’ve had lots of opportunities to help organizations work to position themselves as “thought leaders” in an area in which they are experts. It’s a subset of communications that I’ve always enjoyed. Then recently, a prospective client asked me to really spell out how an organization should fundamentally approach thought-leadership positioning. It’s… More »

The thing with RFPs

As a professional-services consultant, one of the things you can do to find clients is pursue requests for proposals, or “RFPs.” A company or organization that’s decided it needs help will circulate an RFP, often broadly. That RFP might include some description of the work they imagine, maybe a budget, and invite any and all interested… More »

Watching debates and conflicted between style and substance

The Republican primary debates have been fantastically entertaining. Yet, as is often the case when watching politicians, I find myself conflicted. On the one hand, much like most people, I suspect, I’m desperate for any sign of potential for substantive, thoughtful, courageous leadership in the White House. I scan for anyone who looks like they might… More »

Close Call, Frankly Speaking

In 2005-06, I wrote a personal blog that was quite popular at the time among friends. The primary content was reflections on a listless mid-30s single life in the city.  I saved those posts, and I occasionally go back and read them for kicks.There are a few gems, posts that were particularly popular at the… More »

Hellll-lllo, Ruby Tuesday

Years ago, in my mid-twenties, I got a tattoo on my shoulder that symbolized “the young, hip, and urbane.”  I was serious about hipness. But that was then. A few months ago, desperate for someplace new to eat, my spouse and I happened to spot the one casual chain restaurants in our little town. Holding true to our hip and urbane… More »