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A political centrist lost in the great divide

As a political centrist and compromiser at my core, someone who believes an array of perspectives really does ultimately lead to better public policy, I hate this divide that seems to be widening. So much distrust of people with whom we disagree, and so much anger. We certainly don’t all have to agree on issues… More »

When you work at a nonprofit

The blog has been dormant for awhile. On occasion, life gets in the way of creative expression. But I had to pause from the blog break to share this. For anyone who has worked at a nonprofit organization, this is sheer genius. Enjoy.

Nice note from no-nonsense folk

Every other week or so, I facilitate a conference call with Senior VP-level folks at seven big financial-services companies who are serious competitors. The task is generally unremarkable. But every once in awhile, I get a brief nice note like this (even if a little over-stated). From this no-nonsense crowd, it’s probably no small praise…. More »

KC featured in Summit Daily

Summit Daily, the great and high-energy news outlet of the mountain community where Kinkennon Communications (KC) is now “headquartered,” just did a story focuses on some of my closely held professional / personal philosophies. In that way, it’s certainly revealing. Check it out.