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A rich first year at my sister shop, Wolfe Kinkennon

Even as I continue enthusiastic work with Kinkennon Communications clients, a lot has been happening over at Wolfe Kinkennon, the shop I cofounded in January 2016 to exist alongside Kinkennon Communications. Years ago, I found myself facilitating – as a volunteer – the development of a major national nonprofit’s every-five-year strategic plan.  What I learned was… More »

Occasionally it’s not only OK but healthy to give messaging the wheel

There’s nothing quite like a quality-executed messaging exercise to uncover not only what’s great but what’s vulnerable about an offering to the marketplace or a position on an issue. By “quality-run”messaging exercise, I mean you can’t merely figure out what the organization would like to assert. That’s easy. You need to figure out not only what the organization can… More »

Little web-design shop rethinks how its done

I’m swooning over a quite new kind of web-design shop that I’ve recently come to know. My colleague and good friend Scott Warner has used them twice in recent monts and calls them “way ahead of the curve.” My colleague Sean Donohue, who’s an exacting individual, thinks first recommended them to us because they’re so… More »

Great reviews follow biggest facilitation gig yet

I recently facilitated a two-day strategic-planning retreat for the board of directors of a nonprofit that does national advocacy work in the area of outdoor recreation. Facilitation of strategy-setting and planning exercises for nonprofits is something I’ve been dabbling in. It’s fun and different. Yet this was the most challenging gig I’ve tackled yet, and I had some trepidation…. More »

Fascinated by, of all things, coalitions

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the not-at-all-sexy topic of coalitions – disparate organizations or entities that come together to get something done. Like, say, get a bill passed in Congress. I’ve worked with coalitions my entire career, but lately I’ve been having something of an epiphany. It may seem obvious to some in the field,… More »