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5 Tips for small PR departments: tap Twitter today

Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that you’re the one PR person at a small nonprofit –an advocacy organization on a state-level issue, for instance. Your CEO says, “Go figure out this Twitter thing.” Here’s a cheat sheet – five little things you can implement quickly, without investing much time, and without an ounce… More »

The fundraising bar goes higher, before I even reached

I’m one of two new members of the board of directors of the fantastic Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute. When joining the board, new members make a commitment to raise a significant amount of money. Privately, I guessed my fellow newbie and I would enjoy a bit of a “honeymoon” period before being expected to… More »

Transparency as culture, not program

“Transparency succeeds when it is embedded into the culture of a company, not implemented as a program designed to be exercised by only a few.” So says Shel Holtz and John Havens in their book Tactical Transparency: how leaders can leverage social media to maximize value and build their brand. It’s a great read about… More »

New York work clothes

I don’t particularly love New York, but I love many things about it. One of those things is New York business wear. Admittedly I’ve never lived in New York. I’ve probably only been there 10 or 15 times in my life. So I shouldn’t claim expertise on this topic. But to me, businesspeople in New… More »

Corporate use of Twitter and the common denominator

Check out this story by freelance writer Michael Estrin. He lifts up three brands that “get” Twitter. I’m particularly intrigued by his description of the way Texas Instruments is using it. The company opened the door for customers with product questions to communicate directly with the Texas Instruments engineers that designed the product, via Twitter…. More »