Little lessons on leadership and life.

Intersection of Facebook and Work Life

I was one of the last people in my extended social circle to join Facebook. In the past, I had been active on Friendster and Connexion – I’ve appreciated social networking sites since their emergence. But I was nervous that it would be impossible to participate on Facebook without encountering all manner of work-related contacts… More »

Enda Creative Stuff

I’ve lately become involved in a project that’s my first real creative writing / creative direction job in years. The gist is a league of five superheroes created to educate the public on the Colorado laws that protect LGBT people from job discrimination, hate crimes, etc. (Think Enda Jobkeeping, code name: The Enlightener.  She’ll teach… More »

Fowl happenings

Yesterday morning, I moved myself and my laptop onto the back patio for awhile, hoping the change of scenery would spark some creative inspiration. I was so overcome with the beauty of my setting that I snapped a webcam photo and posted it on Facebook, along with a fairly celebratory comment about my general good… More »

Rejuvenation with purpose

The second iteration of this Kinkennon Communications website I love launched today.  We’re getting serious about using this as a place to reveal our thinking on just how much communications, marketing and issue advocacy are changing – and the degree to which KC intends to stay on the edge of it. We’ve re-launched and re-purposed… More »

“Getting” what I’m getting

I’m starting to “get” what I’m getting from Twitter. By nature of the people who I’ve stumbled across and selected to follow, the tidbits arriving on my desktop around the clock via Twitter are giving me this curious new means to be informed and get smart without investing any real effort.  I’m accessing brainpower and… More »