Little lessons on leadership and life.

A terrible patient

I watched 60 Minutes this past Sunday, which did a segment on the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Featured on that segment were terminally ill children who were the very embodiment of dignity and courage. Today I’m five days under the weather with an upper respiratory crud and mild fatigue. I’ve never been able to solder through not feeling well,… More »

Discovering the power of assuming positive intent

I casually posted something on Facebook recently that really resonated with people in my world. I wrote: “Dennis (my spouse) and I are working on a new project: always assume positive intent. It’s a concept I’d never heard until recently, and where it may really do me good is at work. It’s giving me the… More »

How should an organization approach thought leadership positioning?

Over the years I’ve had lots of opportunities to help organizations work to position themselves as “thought leaders” in an area in which they are experts. It’s a subset of communications that I’ve always enjoyed. Then recently, a prospective client asked me to really spell out how an organization should fundamentally approach thought-leadership positioning. It’s… More »

The thing with RFPs

As a professional-services consultant, one of the things you can do to find clients is pursue requests for proposals, or “RFPs.” A company or organization that’s decided it needs help will circulate an RFP, often broadly. That RFP might include some description of the work they imagine, maybe a budget, and invite any and all interested… More »

Watching debates and conflicted between style and substance

The Republican primary debates have been fantastically entertaining. Yet, as is often the case when watching politicians, I find myself conflicted. On the one hand, much like most people, I suspect, I’m desperate for any sign of potential for substantive, thoughtful, courageous leadership in the White House. I scan for anyone who looks like they might… More »