Little lessons on leadership and life.


Some people in my professional world are amazed that I get so much done at work despite the fact that I get out and play during the day. Silly, I get so much done at work precisely because I get out and play during the day.  Eight-hours-in-an-office-somewhere-else is a tired old construct, leftover from the Industrial Age. What matters… More »

A human being, not just a human doing

As I went hurriedly about my morning, absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook feed while also absentmindedly doing something else – “busy,” in an idle sort of way – I paused and locked in on this piece from 2014, shared on Facebook by a former colleague. It found my eye like a heat-seeking missile. I’ve written on this topic… More »

Occasionally it’s not only OK but healthy to give messaging the wheel

There’s nothing quite like a quality-executed messaging exercise to uncover not only what’s great but what’s vulnerable about an offering to the marketplace or a position on an issue. By “quality-run”messaging exercise, I mean you can’t merely figure out what the organization would like to assert. That’s easy. You need to figure out not only what the organization can… More »

We’re officially 10 years old!!!

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote up a business plan for a communications-strategy consulting practice that would be my very own. It would be something that would give me the opportunity to do great work, which I loved to do, but in a manner that was fairly unbound by the ways I’d experienced it to… More »

Launching a new venture focused on strategic planning and facilitation

I don’t have big, job change-level professional news very often. But later this week, I’m announcing the co-founding of an all-new consulting shop with my name on it. Over the past few years, increasingly, my primary gig Kinkennon Communications has been asked by prospective clients to step beyond the realm of communications and public affairs and… More »