Little lessons on leadership and life.

From the “you can’t make this stuff up” files

Before I saw my first episode of the TV show Locked Up Abroad, my biggest fear had been a paper cut to the eyeball, or maybe waking up with a scorpion on my face. But Locked Up Abroad redefined fear for me. I know one doesn’t just get locked up in another country. You have to… More »

A rich first year at my sister shop, Wolfe Kinkennon

Even as I continue enthusiastic work with Kinkennon Communications clients, a lot has been happening over at Wolfe Kinkennon, the shop I cofounded in January 2016 to exist alongside Kinkennon Communications. Years ago, I found myself facilitating – as a volunteer – the development of a major national nonprofit’s every-five-year strategic plan.  What I learned was… More »

To my colleagues who voted for Trump, a respectful request

To my colleagues and friends who voted for Donald Trump, I know you had your reasons. Many of them I wholly understand. Yet today, I ask you to try to imagine why a Trump presidency could make people in communities of color, and LGBT people, feel really uncomfortable. I don’t mean “let down” because some candidate didn’t win… More »

A political centrist lost in the great divide

As a political centrist and compromiser at my core, someone who believes an array of perspectives really does ultimately lead to better public policy, I hate this divide that seems to be widening. So much distrust of people with whom we disagree, and so much anger. We certainly don’t all have to agree on issues… More »

A random moment with Kellyanne Conway

I once was on a project alongside Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager. She and I flew together to some random city for her to conduct a focus group. We were both in our 20s, and we talked about our ambitions. She wanted to start a think tank to focus on issues important to Generation X…. More »