A rich first year at my sister shop, Wolfe Kinkennon

Even as I continue enthusiastic work with Kinkennon Communications clients, a lot has been happening over at Wolfe Kinkennon, the shop I cofounded in January 2016 to exist alongside Kinkennon Communications.

IMG_8602Years ago, I found myself facilitating – as a volunteer – the development of a major national nonprofit’s every-five-year strategic plan.  What I learned was that I have natural skills in that area. When I added that to my obsession with well-run, productive meetings and my extreme distaste for poorly run meetings, a whole new line of work unfolded.

Through Wolfe Kinkennon, I’m currently using my facilitative-leadership skills as project director for the Prescription for Activity Task Force, a major national public-private Task Force of healthcare experts who seek to significantly evolve preventive health in the United States. I’ve designed and facilitated strategic-planning workshops for a wide array of organizations, groups and other convenings — from decision-makers at major national health plans, to each states’ Medicaid Directors, to the boards of directors of large national advocacy groups. I’ve worked with executives, officials, and thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies, academia, federal and state administrative agencies, issue think tanks, trade associations, charitable foundations, and national nonprofits. This past week, I even facilitated a corporate strategy-setting retreat for a large group of restaurants. What a ride.

It feels a little hard to believe, but here in my late 40s, I’ve discovered that in addition to the work I’ve loved doing for decades – communications and messaging – there’s another line of work I love just as much. And if the referrals coming my way are an indicator, I must be pretty good at it. Fun at 48! Lucky me.