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  • Kinkennon Communications (KC) helps organizations answer the questions “What do we want to say?” and “What must we do?” We then craft strategies and implementation plans to bring the answers to life. We do our best work addressing challenges that are complex, high-level, and strategic. We excel for organizations that find themselves at the edge of their institutional comfort zones or are pondering lofty new aims.

    And we love working with brilliant teams of innovative, open-minded, nice people who value fresh perspective and provocative ideas.

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    We help organizations discern precisely what they must do if they want to be able to say great things. We help clients be credible, communicative, and compelling.

    2 parts


    We facilitate communications and strategic planning for senior teams and boards. We help leadership bodies realize aspirations and demonstrate relevance.

    Creative Spark
    1 part

    Creative Spark

    We inject creativity into the examination of complex challenges. We help smart teams find their “Aha!” moments.

    Campaign Manager
    1 part

    Campaign Manager

    We make trains run on time for clients needing hands-on, rigorous management of comprehensive public affairs campaigns.

    Public Affairs Strategist
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    Public Affairs Strategist

    We help clients shape narratives around tough issues so their organizations are better situated to secure public-policy outcomes.

  • Strategy


    Advancing big, bold ideas in pursuit of lofty, aspirational aims.



    Working on issues and topics that are important, impactful, and meaningful.



    Working with outstanding teams of people who are smart, strategic, appreciative, and nice.



    Working smart so our spare time remains free to enjoy family and life.

  • About Shane

    Shane Kinkennon is the principal of Kinkennon Communications. He is a 20-year communications pro who can do lots of neat and random stuff.

    Shane started grassroots campaigning young. When he was 13, he gathered 1,600 signatures on a petition to move Halloween from Sunday to Saturday in Marshall, TX. A good Southern Baptist boy, he thought kids should be in church on Sunday evening, not trick-or-treating. He took his petition to the editor of the Marshall News Messenger, the paper published a front-page story, more signatures rolled in, and the mayor signed a proclamation. In 1983 in Marshall, TX, Halloween was officially observed on Saturday, October 30.

    Now Shane is all grown up. Collaborating with other really smart people, he gets to work on what he wants to, with the kinds of people he wants to work with, with organizations whose values he shares. Sometimes he even gets to write about himself in third person. That makes him one very lucky communications guy.

    • Run the food and consumer packaged goods industry’s anti-obesity coalition in Washington.
    • Been the director of marketing communications for a technology company.
    • Run corporate issue campaigns where he reports to senior VP and C-level executives at household-name companies.
    • Run a $9 million dollar marketing communications department.
    • Served as right hand man to former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry.
    • Built a $1M+ multi-story U.S. Army booth for the Detroit Auto Show.
    • Been the “VP of Campaign Services” for a grassroots-organizing firm.
    • Raised six figures in corporate sponsorships in a year for a nonprofit cause he loves.
    • Written advertising copy for a billboard in New York’s Times Square.
    • Served as the commissioner of the National Gay Flag Football League.
    • Completed massage therapy school.
    • Moved to the mountains of Colorado to get serious about “work-life balance.”

Our Work

What Others are Saying

  • “Kinkennon Communications helped our 150-plus year old organization see the tangible benefit of investing in communications in a very new way. KC helped our Board of Directors overcome their reluctance and fear of fundraising and gave them a complete toolkit of financial development ideas and techniques which completely renewed their commitment to financial development. It will prove key to advancing our mission."
    Mike Landers, CAPT, US Navy (Ret)
    President & CEO, Armed Services YMCA National Headquarters
  • "Shane is a communications pro that really understands how to use the Internet. I've watched him align websites and online campaigns with broader communications strategies for Fortune 500 companies, and generate results. He makes it look easy, and he's a pleasure to work with—all good news for the clients of KC."
    Arvind Rajan
    (Former) Managing Director and VP of New Markets, LinkedIn
  • "Shane generated a level and quality of media coverage that none of us predicted. But probably more importantly, he seems to intrinsically understand the dynamics of fast-paced groups and how to take advantage of the expertise of the people around him to get things done. He's smart, respectful and great to work with."
    Doug Bailey (deceased)
    Founder of respected political newsletter The Hotline, and former Republican political consultant
  • "Shane can write anything and do it quickly. But far more importantly, when it comes to driving complex communications projects and campaigns, I'd put his skills up against anyone's. I'm a very big fan."
    Mike McCurry
    Former White House Press Secretary and Partner, Public Strategies Washington
  • "Shane is an extraordinary speech writer, speech editor, and speaking coach. If I have ever met a messaging guru, it's he. He's able to learn quickly and engage deeply. He helped me and so many of my peers do something critical, and that is to articulate to The United Methodist Church why our future is filled with hope."
    Bishop Sharon Brown Christopher
    Elected by her peers on the United Methodist Council of Bishops to deliver the keynote address (the Episcopal Address) to the global church's once-every-four-year General Conference
  • "I've relied on Shane again and again to figure out marketing communications in murky waters. He has an amazing ability to operationalize a complex strategy inside an organization, making all the pieces and people fall neatly in line. It's first rate."
    Dave Bornmann
    Vice President of Marketing, Boxwood Technologies
  • "Shane is an outstanding all-around marketing communications pro, and he's got client service down to an art form. I jump at any opportunity to work with him."
    Julia Payne
    Former VP of Communications, Washington Redskins
  • "Shane is a consummate professional, impeccably organized and a fantastic strategist. I can scarcely think of a marketing or communications person I've enjoyed working with more, or who I would more enthusiastically recommend."
    Susan Finn
    Ph.D., R.D., L.D., F.A.D.A., former President, American Dietetic Association Foundation
  • "The real value Shane brings to the table is his ability to capitalize on the best skills of an existing team, leveraging those resources to build a strategy then execute it on time and on budget."
    Larry McDonald
    Chief Operating Officer, BRTRC
  • "Small, nimble providers like Kinkennon Communications are precisely what the marketplace needs. Leading a mission-driven nonprofit often requires readily accessible brainpower without huge overhead. I'm glad KC is in the marketplace and believe we all will benefit."
    Chuck Wolfe
    President and CEO, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and
Leadership Institute
  • "Shane is a pleasure to work with and great at what he does. He knows how to craft a message, tell a story that will resonate in Washington, and meet tight deadlines. But what sets him apart is his thoughtful approach to every project and person he deals with."
    Bobby Peterman
    President, Primerica Distribution, PRIMERICA
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Our Clients

  • American Council on Exercise

    Helped evolve strategy and operations to lead the fitness profession more directly into accountability in the fight against obesity.

  • United Methodist Communications

    Developed and ran major campaign to diffuse focus on divisive social issues in anticipation of global church’s every-four-year legislative conference.

  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

    Generated news stories in major outlets like the L.A. Times for the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam Wall on the National Mall.

  • Retail Industry Leaders Association

    Generated media coverage in key congressional districts on a successful high-profile legislative fight.

  • Armed Services YMCA

    Developed multiyear communications strategy and helped board of directors for 100+ year old organization put in place its first ever financial "give or get."

  • Seven household-name financial services companies

    Ran coalition of senior execs at major financial services companies gathered to pursue fair media coverage of a shared public-policy issue. (Specific clients bound by confidentiality.)

  • Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals

    Guided brand and identity develop, launch strategy, public affairs strategy-setting.

  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums

    Devised a national campaign to educate the public on the contributions of aquariums and zoos to economies and communities.

  • Gill Foundation

    Developed award winning public-education campaign on legal protections available to LGBT people.

  • Rose Community Foundation

    Generated news stories in USA Today and Washington Post on teacher compensation reform.

  • Hope Street Group

    Facilitated board-level communications planning process; drove development of first ever regimented communications program.

  • Colorado Mountain Bike Association

    Facilitated board-level organizational strategy and planning process.

  • Colorado AIDS Project

    Ran campaign to generate enthusiasm among stakeholders for a major organizational merger.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of America

    Developed program for the industry to build relationships with LGBT influencers.


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